Alberta’s first human trafficking conviction

Alberta company, Kihew Energy Services Ltd. (Kihew), pleaded guilty to running a criminal organization that illegally recruited human trafficking victims from Poland and the Ukraine, contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act  (IRPA). Kihew—owned by a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, his wife and business partner—was fined $215,000 after RCMP investigations revealed that the company had […]

Proposed Bill promises to protect Canada from foreign convicts fuels controversy among lawyers

Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, has been working around the clock to prevent criminals from tainting the Canadian immigration system.  Last year, the enactment of Bill C-35, An Act to Amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, provided immigration officials with the tools needed to crack down on criminal immigration representatives.  This year, the […]

What defines a “Canadian Citizen”? Survey reports

Most of us may remember the facetious and widely-acclaimed book entitled, How to Be a Canadian (written by the award-winning Ferguson brothers, Will and Ian), that gave non-Canadians an inside look into our northern culture, while reminding Canadians of their whimsical, yet inherent, nature. Sure, Canadians, may talk funny, over-apologize at inappropriate times, and passionately […]

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