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If you have been selected to submit an application to sponsor your parents or grandparents and need assistance, please call our office 416-498-9122 to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified consultants.

Sponsor’s Eligibility

To be eligible to become a sponsor, you must be at least 18 years of age, is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, and meet the income requirement.

You may not become a sponsor if one of the following applies to you:

  • Did not meet the terms of a sponsorship agreement in the past;
  • Did not pay alimony or child support;
  • Receive government financial help for reasons other than being disabled;
  • Convicted an offence of a sexual nature, a violent crime, an offence against a relative that resulted in bodily harm. Other offences may also make you ineligible depending on the type of offence, how long ago it occurred and if a record suspension was issued;
  • Did not pay, made late payments or missed payments of an immigration loan;
  • Currently in prison;
  • Declared bankruptcy and has not been released from it yet;
  • There may be other things not from this list that can make you ineligible to become a sponsor


Income Requirement

Sponsors must meet the minimum necessary income requirement for each of the three years immediately preceding the date of application. The minimum necessary income requirement is equal to the Low Income Cut-off s (LICOs) plus 30%. The amount is determined by the family size. Sponsors may choose between two options to demonstrate their income:

  1. Sign the statement of consent (question 8 on the Financial Evaluation for Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship – IMM 5768) and provide his/her Social Insurance Number (SIN); or
  2. Submit a Notice of Assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for each of the three years immediately preceding the date of application.

If you do not meet the income requirement, you may have your spouse/partner help you by being your co-signer. Co-signer meet the same eligibility requirements as the sponsor.


How to Calculate Family Size

+ Spouse/partner
+ Dependent children
+ Number of persons you are sponsoring
+ All dependents family members of the person you are sponsoring
+ Persons currently undertaking as a sponsor or co-signer


Minimum Income Table for Parents and Grandparents sponsorship

Size of Family 2016 2015 2014
2 persons $39,371 $38,618 $38,272
3 persons $48,404 $47,476 $47,051
4 persons $58,768 $57,642 $57,125
5 persons $66,654 $65,377 $64,791
6 persons $75,174 $73,733 $73,072
7 persons $83,695 $82,091 $81,355
For each person over 7, add $8,522 $8,358 $ 8,271


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