Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Enforcement to Commence on September 29, 2016

The enforcement of the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) requirement will begin on September 29, 2016. As of this date, all air carriers will use the Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA) Interactive Advance Passenger Information (IAPI) to verify that foreign nationals seeking to travel to or transit through Canada by air have a valid eTA, before […]

10-year Multiple-Entry Visa for Canadians Travelling to China

Another achievement in the bilateral relations between China and Canada was reached on February 28, 2015 when both countries came to a reciprocal agreement on issuing long-term, multiple-entry visas to Canadian citizens travelling to China for business, tourism or family purposes. As of March 9, 2015, Canadians may submit their request to Chinese consulates and […]

First Rounds Open for Two of IEC France Categories

The 2014 International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative with France is now accepting Round 1 applications for two of their four categories: International Co-op Internship (Total: 1,200 places) and Young Professionals (Total: 1,200 places). On May 14, 2013 Canada and France signed a new agreement on youth mobility. With the new Agreement, French citizens between the […]

CIC to reopen parent and grandparent sponsorship in 2014

Today, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney held a news conference to announce Phase II of the federal government’s Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification. One key element of the Action Plan’s second phase will be the re-opening of the Parent and Grandparent (PGP) sponsorship program on January 2nd, 2014. It is expected that by […]

Proposed Bill promises to protect Canada from foreign convicts fuels controversy among lawyers

Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, has been working around the clock to prevent criminals from tainting the Canadian immigration system.  Last year, the enactment of Bill C-35, An Act to Amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, provided immigration officials with the tools needed to crack down on criminal immigration representatives.  This year, the […]

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