Ontarians honoured with medal for good citizenship

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2012 Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship!  On October 18, 2012 thirteen Ontarians were formally honoured with the recognition of having made exceptional long-term contributions to their communities at Queen’s Park.

The Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship was created in 1973 for the purpose of recognizing Ontarians who have made extraordinary contributions to the quality of life in the Province.

92-year-old conservationist and advocate, Ernie Crossland, is among the 13 Ontarians to have received the Medal.  A resident of Lake Simcoe, Ernie has been a key player of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Foundation.  His achievements include: creating a walking trail that links to the lake’s conservation areas and; founding a scholarship to assist students pursuing environmental studies.

If you would like to nominate a fellow Ontarian for this medal in the future, find out how to do so on the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration website.

Do you have the characteristics of a good citizen? Find out here.

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